Foster Homes Needed

The more foster homes we have the more dogs we are able to help at a time.  

Fostering FAQsFostering Application

More Homes. More Dogs. It’s that simple!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent to one of our pets!  Rescue groups such as ours rely on the support of volunteers who offer to temporarily house an animal in need.  ​We are always looking for qualified foster homes to care for our rescue dogs.  If you’ve ever thought about fostering but didn’t know how to go about it, please contact us.  Helping Paws Rescue pays for vet costs, food and supplies – all you have to do is supply your time. Fostering can be a very rewarding experience! It’s all the benefits of having a dog without the long term commitment. The dogs will love you!

Before you fill out the form, here are some things to think about: It is important that everyone in your home is in agreement with willing to help with the animal.

The following are things to consider and discuss when fostering:

  1. Is everyone in the home supportive of being a foster home?
  2. Will everyone have a role? Who will fill in when the other is not available and are they willing and committed to help?
  3. Understand that many of these dogs have limited history.
  4. Are you prepared and willing to help with the dog on learning better basic habits ? Some of these being: house training, crate training, leash manners, learning respect & boundaries or caring for a scared or timid dog.
  5. What is your current lifestyle/routine?
  6. What kind of dog do you think will fit in with your home?
  7. If you have existing pets- are they balanced pets? Are they used to sharing their space/ home with other animals? We do ask and prefer that if your current dogs are not used to or will NOT tolerate other dogs in their space/ home/ yard etc, to not apply. This is for the fairness and safety of all pets.
  8. If you have children, are they respectful of a dog’s space and understand how to interact with a dog in a respectful manner?
  9. Are you prepared to 100% supervise, educate and assist where necessary?

If you feel that fostering might be something you can do to help better a pets life, please complete our Foster Application.