Owner Surrender

We know that sometimes it’s just not possible to keep a pet.  We will do our very best to place your pet into a loving home.

The below linked form asks about your dog’s history, current routine and needs. This information will be used to list for their bio on our rescue site.  It ensures that when we are screening applicants and/or foster families with the correct information and ensuring the safest and most suitable placement. Without this information any dog could be placed into an environment which is not suitable, which could lead to develop issues and needing to be re-homed again.  

What we’re asking for you is to BE HONEST.  We are not judging you – we only have what’s best for the dog in mind.

Please download our Helping Paws Rescue Surrender and Authorization Form and fill it out.   When finished please email the form to helpingpawsrescue@gmail.com.