Fostering FAQs

Fostering Application

If you have questions that are not answered on our website, please contact us…we’d love to hear from you.

Q: What is a foster home for dogs?

A foster home is a temporary placement for our dogs to live until they are adopted.  The foster parents are responsible for basic house training (if needed), socialization (both humans and animals), health care, and temperament assessment of a placed pet.

The foster family is the ‘advocate’ for the dog for potential adopters. We rely on our foster parents to assess the personality of the pet, identify any behavioral issues that need to be worked on, etc.  The more information the foster home can provide, the more likely the ultimate placement of the pet is successful. Fostering is a very fulfilling way to help out. If you’ve thought about adopting a dog, but aren’t quite sure what breed is best for you, fostering is a wonderful way to try out different breeds and determine whether they are suitable for your lifestyle. The more foster parents we have – the more pets we can help!

Q: Can I choose the dog I foster?

A:  Our dogs are placed based on need, temperament, and your abilities. You can identify preferences in the foster application process as well as what type of dog would not fit into your family. 

Q: How long do you have to foster a dog for?

There is no set time.  Some dogs are require a special family to find them and that can take longer than another dog.   Just know that there is a time commitment. You may be asked to foster a dog from two weeks to two months, depending on circumstances.

Q: Can foster parents adopt their foster pets?

Yes!  As long as the foster parents meet the necessary requirements for adopting, foster parents have the first choice to adopt their foster pets, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Who pays for the foster dog’s expenses?

A: While our rescues are in the foster program, we pay for all food, supplies and vet bills.  We just need you to provide a loving, nurturing home until they can find their forever home.