We love hearing back from you!

Good afternoon just giving you an update on Daisy, aka Ocean. She’s doing fantastic, she’s living the life of a dream She’s loving life here and she’s a very good dog.


Abigail, aka Fiona, is doing well. She adjusted fairly quick and she’s getting lots of love from me (she is super cute!)  She is pretty chatty too and she lets me scratch her head and stroke her belly making her purr loudly! She adores Gracie, her sister, and copies her which Gracie seems to be handling fine. I also got Abbey some fur mice toys that she is loving for play


We were just as surprised with Molly, aka River’s DNA results but we love her just the way she is. From the moment she entered our house she fit right in with her two sisters. A Sheppard and rat terrier. She has grown like a bad weed and eats like a horse and poops like one too. She loves car rides and slippers. We love her and she likes the king size bed when she can. 


Jax has settled very well into our family. He is great around the kids and knows to be calmer inside and save his energy for outside. He has become friends with one of our cats. The other one isn’t so sure yet ? she hasn’t come out of hiding. And the amount of progress in the last couple days has been amazing. 

Danielle and Shane

It has been a full year now since I got Gus. Lots of adventure and learning new things. He is such a great dog. Gus is getting better being in the car and being around strangers. Plus we are getting more into agility and obedience (he has graduated basic obedience class)Thank you so much Helping paws for letting me adopt him?


Wanted to give you a quick update on how Arlo (formerly Mowgli) is doing. He is such a joy and we are loving having him in our family. We had him to the vet Monday for his booster shots, and vet said he looks to be in great health. He is growing fast – already is about 28 lbs. He now has two adult teeth – so the teething has started, and we have a large supply of bones and chew toys for him. He is having lots of fun playing with many dog friends, his favourite so far being an 18 month hound who can keep up with his energy. He has met a few young kids and LOVES them; really, he has loved everyone he has met (and he’s a popular boy, being as cute as he is, so gets lots of visitors). He is very smart and already knows many tricks – we start puppy school on Monday so I’m sure he will learn many more soon! Thank you again for this wonderful boy.

Chris and Carolyn

This little dog is so funny, still not sure of me but has he ever bonded with Rose, He is such a little turd, even has his own TV, just like a kid if he miss behaves and she turns it off, boy what a suck, he means so much to her thanks so much! 

Morley & Rose

We couldn’t have been blessed to find such a great fit. Jersey aka Daisy is such a cuddler and has so much love to give. She is doing wonderfully and enjoying retirement! She is a little Angel.

Cyndi Marie

Hello and Happy New Year! Wanted to let you know Bugg is doing great. Had his first vet appt last week and he did so well. He has totally settled in and we are so thrilled to have him join our family – even our dog is happy!

The Rose Family

It’s been a few months now with Scooby so I thought we’d give you an update! He’s been an amazing addition to our family. He loves coming to work with me & has charmed all of my coworkers into many belly rubs. He’s just been such a great dog overall – we feel so grateful to you for matching us with him so he could become part of our family! Thanks again for bringing Scooby into our lives – he’s so wonderful! 


Thank you for rescuing this beautiful girl, Annie. She is such a great a joy to have! Keep up the amazing work. A special thanks to her foster mom Sharon!

Annie's Mom

We wanted to thank you so much for allowing Winnie to come home with us and become part of our family!!! She is adjusting so well and seems to be getting more comfortable by the minute!!

The Pasia Family

Mojo is great! Cuddles with Cooper, keeps us company while watching TV, and has made Jim his best friend. I’m the food, Jim is the toys haha ? He’s definitely fitting our family! We call him Mojo the little monster lol and when we come in the door he’s waiting for us? he’s perfect!! Thank you again ❤️

Mojo's Mom

We are happy to say Max and Mia are loving their new friendship and home. They both love playing in the back yard and chasing squirrels together. They also love to snuggle before bed. Max is happy to have a couch all his own to sleep on at night. While Mia prefers to stay in bed keeping us warm. We are still working on our leash manners but only 9 days in and we are seeing improvements. When these two aren’t running, playing fetch or out on a walk/hike they can be found napping together. We are looking forward to growing with these two and giving them a wonderful home where they are loved unconditionally. Thanks for all your help and everything you do! Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

The Thompsons

We changed his name to Hapu (formerly Finnley)  He has become acquainted with the cats (followed around by the dog friendly one, barks occasionally at the others, but they are just doing their own thing), ducks (he is not quite sure what to do with the ducks yet!), a 5 yr german shepherd, a 13 yr blind/deaf standard poodle, and a cocker spaniel. And several neighbours including kids. We went on a hike on a 77 acre property with the shepherd today, and the snow was almost up to our knees i.e. over his head, but he was a trooper and wanted to play and kept up energy the whole time. Of course now he’s completely passed out! He is just the best. We can’t thank you enough! I emailed Aylmer to get his records emailed over so hopefully they arrive before the first puppy class.


Just wanted to drop you a quick not to say how much I love your new website. It is awesome to see the bio’s from the dogs perspective. Of course I had to attach an updated picture of Morgan. He is living the dream and though he is still terrified of kids on bikes and basketballs he has overcome most of his other fears. Couldn’t imagine life without him.


After almost 3 months, it feels like Mali has always been ours. She loves chasing squirrels and is loved by all the neighbours. She still won’t eat her kibble out of the bowl so we leave her kibble on a place mat by her water dish and this suits her fine. So, in case you didn’t know, you people who rescue these animals are Angels! Thank you for bringing Mali to our lives. Wishing you all the best


It’s been two weeks since we adopted Dixie from Helping Paws Rescue.  She had a rocky start, trying to prove to two dachshunds that she was worthy to join the family after we lost our very much loved beagle, Henri.  Slowly she is worming her way into their hearts as they now share their beds and toys with her.  Thank you Todd for being her first hero!  And for Helping Paws for making it possible for her to find her forever home with us.

Kim & Scott

Hi Teresa, My mom is absolutely in love with her. We came back to my house briefly and she met my dog, they got along great! And apparently the first night was no issue, she slept with my mom all night. I just spoke with her now and it sounds like they already went for a walk by the river and are now running errands together haha. I’m going to visit a bit later today but my mom is over the moon with her.


Update: “Hey guys! Just wanted to send an update. We adopted Miley this previous December and she is the perfect dog! If she gets free of her leash or yard she will go looking for an adventure but other than that an amazing listener that just wants to play. Her and her brother Isaac love to run around the yard all day and then cuddle up in mom and dads bed. She is our sweetheart and we cant thank you enough for bringing her into our lives!” 

Miley's Family

Words can’t describe the love we already feel for Shadow. It’s been 3 weeks since we adopted him from Helping Paws Rescue and it honestly feels like he has been a part of our family from the very beginning. He is a smart, fun loving, affectionate and gentle character who brings so much joy to our lives. His furry sister Grace was a little unsure of him at first, but now they are best pals who play together, sleep beside one another and look out for one another. When it comes to his human family, he follows us everywhere, always wanting to be a part of what we’re doing. Whether it’s going for walks, trips in the boat or just playing in the field, he is such a happy go lucky guy who never strays too far. From the moment we saw his picture, we knew he was our boy and we are so lucky to be his forever family. Thank you so much Helen and Teresa and all the volunteers at Helping Paws for everything you do. It’s people like you that give great dogs like Shadow a second chance and a family like ours, the gift of rescuing a dog and loving them to bits!

The Henderson family

Update: “Phoebe (aka Betty, 11 1/2 year old golden) is feeling more at home everyday. She picked up a toy and carried it and she picked up a ball and carried it for a bit. She has also picked up a towel (we keep some by the side door to wipe their feet if they are muddy) and started trying to shred it. I take that to mean she is feeling more relaxed. She is walking quite well on a leash and seems to be getting her appetite back. We only go around the block but she is eager to go and sometimes even pulls to go in a certain direction.  She has started coming to the front door when someone comes home so that’s a great sign. She is so sweet and we all just love her dearly.”

The Wilson Family