Hey River – Who’s your Daddy?!

It’s Contest Time!
We’ve had so many people asking what breed River (that cute little puppy to the right ->) is so we’ve come up with a great idea (so we think!).  We are having a “WHO’S YOUR DADDY? (and your mommy)” CONTEST.
What we’re doing for the contest: We are going to DNA test River.
What you’re doing for the contest:  Guess the top 3 breeds on her DNA test – each entry (of 3 guesses) will cost you only $5.00!
What you get if you win:  A $100.00 gift basket of doggie goodies!
Rules are as follows:

1. On the form to the right, list what breeds you think will show on the DNA test from largest percentage being #1, second being #2 and least being #3. When the test results come in, we will score by correct breed choices and then by percentage on the DNA results if needed.  These 3 breeds have to be listed as the top 3 on the DNA test results 

2. E-transfer $5.00 to helpingpawsrescue@gmail.com for each guess. (We will not consider any guess without receiving your donation). You can guess as many times as you want but each guess is worth $5.00. Please ensure the name you use filling out the form is the same name on your e-transfer.

3. The person with the closest match to the top 3 breeds on the DNA test results in the correct order will win. Priority is given to breed selection, then the order in which they are placed. The person who has all 3 breeds, and in the correct order by percentage, will be the winner.

4. Entries will be accepted until February 28th at 10:00 pm.  The winner will be announced February 29th at 1:00 pm!

Good luck and let’s see if you can solve the mystery of “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”

03-01-2020 – The winner of our contest is Gregory Wilson! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who helped us raise money by playing the game!

Thank you for supporting Helping Paws Rescue!